Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Progress Report

It is that time of year where you learn how your child is doing at school.  I received my boy's report and everything is S-Satifactory, N-For Need Work,  and U-Unsatisfactory.  Academically he had S which I was very happy to see.  I have been a bit worried about the transition to Kindergarten but thankfully he is doing great.  Then I got to the Behavior section and there were 2 N-For Need Work
The first was following classroom rules and the other was taking responsibility for his actions.  I was a little surprised by the learning to follow classroom rules almost everyday he gets red (the best color). But I was not surprised at the not taking responsibility for his actions.  My boy is famous for blaming someone else if something doesn't go right or he has an issue.  He is getting better though.  Hopefully we can get rid of that habit.  Do you have a child who has an occasional issues for blaming others when he has something go wrong?  I definitely want to break the habit because I definitely don't want him as he is older blaming everyone else for his problems.  Part of growing up is taking responsibility for your actions.  Fingers crossed that this is just a phase.

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