Friday, June 26, 2015


My youngest boy has become not too fond of bath time.  I think his least favorite part is the hair washing part.  Even my oldest was not a fan of that.  I have tried all of the contraptions to keep the water out of their eyes and they are too wiggly for it to be effective.  I also learned something new about baby shampoo.  I always thought that tear free meant it was safe for their eyes but this isn't true they are referring to the hair itself.  Crazy huh?  Once hair washing time is over though you would have thought they loved taking a bath-I am sure the bath toys help.  It is hard getting them out of the tub.  I think bath toys were made for this very reason.  It is a distraction tactic so your child forgets the trauma of bath time whatever they are afraid of.  Sounds great except kids have an excellent memory.    Do you have any tips that make bath time more fun especially the hair washing part?

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