Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Swim Lessons

Our first foray into swim lessons was a ymca group lesson which consisted of my boy getting a total of 5 minutes of swimming within an hour of lesson and most of the instructors time was telling the children to sit on the step until it was there turn.  As you can probably access my boy did not learn to swim.  Our second try at swim lessons was having an instructor come out the house.  My boy at the time was deathly afraid of water and screamed most of the lesson.  The main problem with this batch of  lessons is the instructor was not consistent with the lessons and was constantly canceling the lessons.  Which my boy interpreted as hoping that the swim instructor didn't show up.  Once again he learned nothing.  Last summer we finally found the lessons that worked that is a great instructor through swim america that taught my boy how to swim. What was great about her is she didn't accept any of his excuses or negotiation tactics and by the end of the 2 weeks was doing pretty well.  I realized that my boy needed another group of lessons from her this summer and to my surprise he was so excited to go.  He did great and hopefully after these 2 weeks I will have an expert swimmer.  I am so excited for him to feel confident in swimming.

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