Sunday, August 9, 2015

Gestational Diabetes Rollercoaster Again

Well I took the 1 hour sugar test and of course my number was super high.  As I have previously mentioned I don't eat sugar or drink it.  I know that it isn't just about sugar but I think a fair test for me would be to eat a heavily carbed meal and test me then.  It was strongly encouraged that I take the 3 hour by the nurse practicer that I saw for the very first time.  Along with a serious guilt trip about how my baby is in danger.  This is not my first time dealing with this.  She was pretty unsupportive with advice and options.  So after discussion my husband and I have decided instead of stressing out the baby with another sugar test we are just going to be testing from now on while I follow my strict gestational diet.  This was a very stressful decision for me to make I hate getting my blood taken but my supportive, amazing, wonderful husband has offered to do the actual testing for me. The worst part for me is the finger prick and doing it wrong.  He is doing it all for me. This is the only way I can feel comfortable doing this.  I am still having anxiety over the whole situation-I can't help it but by letting my husband help me it has become a tad less stressful for me.  One thing that worries me about this diet is I lose quite a bit of weight on this diet.  With my youngest boy he came out small and lean which freaked me out.  Hopefully my little girl will be ok.  I also had an ultrasound for my 28 week check and I am a little scared to find out that my girl is breech.  I am hoping that this changes as well.  Hopefully she will descend to head down easily.  Some people would get comfort knowing what is going on with their baby but all the extra testing really stresses me out.  They also have been on my case at the doctor's office to schedule an induction but the main doctor hasn't been in.  So I found out at my appointment that my doctor was in so I asked about scheduling induction and I get oh you have plenty of time to do that???  I get a different answer all the time at this office.  I am so thankful that this is my last pregnancy and I am really fortunate to be having a girl this time.  I know for certain I don't have it in me to go through this process again.

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