Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Current Diet

I am on a very strict gestational diet along with blood testing to make sure my sugars are level.  I am basically for an intents and purposes in my normal diet a vegetarian.  I have no problem with eating chicken or fish but I haven't really being doing that.  But since this new diet I have been incorporating chicken and fish.  It has been hard for me to adjust but I will do what it takes to make sure my baby girl is as healthy as possible.  Basically a gestational diet is very low carbs and high in protein with veggies as well.  The protein counteracts any sugars that are accumulated from eating carbs or sugars.  I don't have to worry about the sugar part I am not a sugary type of individual but the salty potato chips have had to take a backseat.  Fortunately, it is only temporary I go back to normal after delivery and my gestational diabetes are always under control with a diet which besides the protein is really no different than my normal everyday diet.  The only thing that gives me comfort or makes me feel better is I have about 8 more weeks of this intense diet.  I have already lost quite a bit of weight which can be a little alarming.  I am looking forward to my little one being on the outside so I can go back to my normal routine.

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