Friday, August 7, 2015

Unusual Baby Registry Find

I was at Target the other day making a registry for my little girl and I found I really interesting product that made me laugh.  They are now making Upspring Baby Milkscreen Home Tests.  The unique this is this checks for alcohol in your breastmilk.  I could see this coming in handy occasionally but I am sure there is the random mom registering for boxes of these.  It really is a good way to really test your milk so you aren't wasting milk or giving your baby milk with too much alcohol in it.  I generally don't even take the risk and abstain from drinking while breastfeeding.  As I have gotten older drinking really isn't that important to me.  Plus it gives me something to look forward to after my little one is weaned.  What is your take on drinking while breastfeeding?  Would you put these on your registry?

***This product is not affiliated with this Learning to Pee with the Door Open.  These are my honest opinions on this product and zero compensation or quarry was made for a review.  

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