Monday, August 11, 2014

Back to School is that time of year again.  When parents happily push their carts around an office supply store (at least according to commercials).  The school lists are out and the teacher requirements have been made.  I just got our list for kindergarten and we have been out trying to find all of the things on the list...boy is it specific!!!!  Plus my boy has grown so we have had to purchase a new wardrobe for school as well and he for the first time has gotten opinionated about the shopping-what to buy, are we done yet?

When it was time for school I remember being so excited.  In the mail we would find out who our teacher was and the bus schedule.  I always had a first day of school outfit that I thought was fabulous for a first impression on the first day of the school year.  I don't think it is like that for least not mine.  Don't get me wrong- he is looking forward to school.  New school, new experiences, new friends.  Just not like I did and that is okay.

Now am I excited for him to start school?  It's debatable. I am excited for the new experiences, independence, and fun he is going to have.  But honestly, I am sad for him to be gone so long everyday.  As much as he can drive me crazy he is a great little helper and knows how to give me hugs at the best times.  I know his little brother is going to miss him terribly.  On the plus side my almost 2 year will be getting more one on one time with me.

How did you cope or make the transition easier into Kindergarten?


  1. Well, for me, it has been a really long time since my son was in first grade. He is actually 27 years old. I do remember the transition was relatively easy because he went to a day camp full time during the summer. I worked full time.He will be fine and will come home after his first day with lots of stuff to tell you! He will likely sleep good that night!

  2. @Alison Gibb I am looking forward to it and so is he. A full summer home with me might make it a little harder though. Thanks for the encouragement!!!!