Thursday, August 7, 2014

Date Night

Screaming kids, messes galore, time outs, dirty diapers, and no rest.  This is a normal occurrence in our household.  I love my kids with everything I am but they know how to wear a mama out.  A lot of times I don't get a lot of adult conversation so it can drive anyone a little crazy.  My shower time is normally my only solace time which happens before bed.  My husband thinks I am odd because I have a soft light on when I shower but it is my only relaxing time all day.

We don't get the opportunity to go out without the kids often but when we do we are ready.  It is so important to have a date night at least once a month if you can do it.  A lot of times we are so busy caring for the kids needs that we really don't have time to connect to each other.  It is important to have a healthy relationship to have at least a date night every so often.  Plus BONUS you can have a meal without rushing, being interrupted, or feeding your little ones.  It is good to laugh and have those adult conversations together.  I won't promise that your kids won't come up in conversation but I can promise that you will feel more equipped to handle the days that follow.  I feel like a normal person after a date night and appreciated.  Don't deny yourself a date night-ask a babysitter or trusted family member asap your sanity depends on it!!!!

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