Friday, August 29, 2014

Build A Bear Workshop

If you have never had the opportunity to go to Build A Bear Workshop you are missing out on a wonderful experience.  The attention to detail and care that go into each visit is above and beyond.  

There are so many choices at Build a Bear for girls and yes even boys.  They have superhero bears now.  
They have made the entire process very interactive.  You are able to choice attributes for your cuddly new friend; everything from intelligence to friendship.
We added a sound to our creation.  It was a twilight sparkle sound with a few phrases she would say.  
Then you head to the stuffing area where they fill up your friend with whatever squishiness you require.  They have a cute ritual with a heart that is placed inside that makes the process very special. At this point they place a bar code inside before sewing up the seam that makes it easy to locate the owner if you ever get separated from your Build A Bear creation.  Someone would just bring the Bear to a store location and they would track down the owner.  How nice is that?  With kids it is inevitable that some toys do get misplaced. 
Next it was bath time where you can brush away any fuzz and brush your new friends hair.  
Next was naming your friend my boy named his pony exactly by her name.  She could go by no other.  There is some basic information asked which is used to help make the birth certificate.  The attention to detail in Build A Bear is so much fun.

The last step before paying of course, is picking out clothes and accessories.  My boy chose some shoes with skates and a leash.  If you ever have any problems with your bear or if you get it home and you find it is not cuddly enough you can bring them back for a free surgery with more stuffing added. 

 If you are interested in trying out Build A Bear Workshop with your child I was given a special coupon to pass on to our friends of the blog

***This post is sponsored by Smiley 360 and Build A Bear and my boy received a wonderful opportunity to pick out a pony with all the bells and whistles for free.  Although we received the items for free all opinions are my own.

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