Monday, February 9, 2015

Speech Evaluation Part Two

The process is actually going pretty quickly compared to the 6 months I have struggled to find someone to do an evaluation.  I was told that from the time I call them to the time that decisions about treatment are made it can take up to 45 days.  I was really nervous the day before my in person meeting with the rep for the company.  I am most definitely a worrier and it effects me big time.  They came in and did a very basic evaluation on my boy and I know it is not the case in everyone but he did great which screened him out of the process.  I have a mixture of relief and concern.  Relief because it isn't anything more serious but concerned because the verbal is still a very slow process.  I am mainly concerned because his birthday is just before the cut of for school so I will have to see how he develops to determine if we should keep him at home an additional year.  Thank you for your support during this process to all the followers going through similar situations.

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