Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Chuck E Cheese Birthday

For my just turned 3 year old we did the classic right of passage for a birthday celebration.  He requested a Chuck E Cheese party which this year I was totally on board with.  Especially in my tired, exhausted, pregnant state.  I have been to a lot of Chuck E Cheese parties in my day.  I even had one myself when I was younger.  One thing is true now that was true then they really know how to organize and provide a really fun party.  All of the kids have a great time at the party and the great thing about Chuck E Cheese is if you have cancellations they don't charge you for them which is great.  Even their pizza has improved it is actually not bad.  The kiddos have such a good time playing games and every child walks away with some kind of prize the way they structure their prizes.  If you are looking for an easy party where you don't have as much prep work to do this could be the solution for your needs.  I also don't know many kids that would turn down some fun at Chuck E Cheese.

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