Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Guilt of a New Baby

I don't know about you but when I am pregnant with a new baby I have a little bit of mommy guilt.  Both of my boys when they are younger are definitely mommy's boys very attached.  When I had my 2nd child my only child had a little of a difficult transition.  It is really hard to fully prepare the older sibling for what having a new baby entails.  My boy was fully potty trained and excited to meet his new baby brother but after a few days he realized what having a new baby in the house truly meant.  To him it meant mommy had less time for him and he wasn't getting the attention he was used to.  So he stopped using the potty and reverted back to peeing and pooping in his pants.  This back step went on for a good month until he was ready to get back into his big boy routine.  As time went by things got a little easier and mommy was able to make sure he had lots of time with mommy and the new baby.  Now approaching my 3rd pregnancy I once again have a very attached boy who I am almost sure is going to have a difficult time with a new baby.  I don't sugar coat my pregnancies or experiences and I don't have the baby brain that you totally forget what the experience was like. I am walking into this fully aware.  So I am feeling some mommy guilt because I know he is going to have a challenging couple of weeks.  I am not as worried about my oldest since he is pretty independent.  But I tell you what having 2 is a strange comfort to me because they have each other to play with and keep each other busy.

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