Thursday, September 17, 2015

Rebounderz Birthday

First off, Rebounderz is basically a jumping environment filled with lots of trampolines.  My boy who agreed to have his birthday here went to a party here before and had lots of fun so he is excited to have his birthday here.  They are pretty strict with their parties.  You rent a room for your party and you have basically 2 hours in your room.  Upon entering the facility you have to fill out a waiver.  Then all of your party guest have 70 minutes to enjoy the gym once the 70 minutes are up which starts at the beginning of the party that is it- No extra time.  Then you go into your party room for pizza and cake.  The basic party includes pizza and water anything else has to be purchased in addition to the party package.  They do not allow any outside food or drinks.  You can bring your own cake.  Then after the food every kid gets a $1 to spend at the arcade area and that is it.  I can appreciate a short aggressive party schedule but it may be a challenge for younger children to understand time is up.

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