Tuesday, September 8, 2015

First Early Release Wednesday: Mom Fail

Let me start by saying I am well aware that Wednesdays are early release day at school.  The first Wednesday of the school year last year they skipped early release and started the 2nd week and there were other instances of Wednesdays being full days throughout the year.  The school system is crazy about sending out automated messages with reminders or information.  I received a call on Tuesday night about Car Line Rules and no mention was made of an early release day the following day.  The first early release day they had signs up to remind everyone.  So I figured if it is an early release day surely there would be signs up.  On Wednesday morning there were no signs and no reminders.  The thought crossed my mind to call the school but I didn't I was busy.  Then came the call at 2:30 that my son was in the office waiting to be picked up and it is an early release day.  I quickly rushed to the school and the office was full of kids that hadn't been picked up.  A reminder would have been nice but I felt horrible that I didn't follow through to find out for sure.  I have been forgiven by my boy with a promise to always come early on Wednesday.  I won't miss another Wednesday again buddy.

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