Monday, September 28, 2015

Surviving Your 1st Day Home

The 1st day home is always a little overwhelming.  New baby, unsure of things, worries about their safety, and above all sleep deprived as all get out.  A lot of times family wants to come over and meet your new baby and it can be exhausting.  My advice if there is family there to get them to take care of the baby for an hour while you go shower or take a short nap.  They can always come to get you if it becomes too hard to handle or to feed but if anyone asks how they can help this is an excellent request.  Everyone says nap when the baby naps but it just never worked for me unless I was completely zonked and I was normally holding the baby and just passed out then and there for a nap.  I am not a great napper I typically feel worse after I have a nap but even so a little rest helps you push through the delirium at night.  I wouldn't be obsessed with a schedule especially the first day things are so hectic.  A schedule can be developed in the following days and despite your best efforts your little one more than likely has ideas of their own.  Try not to put too much pressure on yourself sometimes our ideas of either how we should feel or what we should accomplish is overwhelming.  You will get into a groove but putting too much pressure on yourself does not help those pesky hormones.

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