Sunday, September 6, 2015

Thomas Minis: The Obssession

Walmart carries some pretty exclusive Thomas trains that you can't buy at any other store.  My boy is obsessed with the Thomas minis.
They have blind bags, packages of, and a roundhouse case.

For my boy he loved opening the blind bags because he enjoys the excitement of the surprise.  Otherwise, he is happy to have minis.  The minis are exactly what they sound like mini versions of Thomas and Friends characters.  They are plastic and hook together.  There are also different themed trains like dinosaur, robots, super hero, and spooky.  It seems the amount is pretty endless and it is pretty challenging getting all of the mini's as a complete collection.  They are relatively inexpensive the blind bags are 1.50 and they have many different varieties of the packaged minis.  The case is $15 and it holds 17 trains and my boy discovered mini tracks on the inside plastic case and on the back of the case.

***This post is not sponsored or affiliated with Thomas or Walmart and the opinions and review is completely my own.  

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