Thursday, September 24, 2015

Packing Your Hospital Labor Bag

As a mom who is going to deliver for a 3rd time in a hospital I feel that I have some personal experience in packing a labor bag.  I have looked at countless suggestions lists for packing for the hospital, some things are necessary-some just aren't.

For Baby
-Don't worry about diapers the hospital will have lots of diapers.
-Since I breastfeed I always bring my breast feeding pillow it starts the feeding out as close to the conditions at home and it will make for a seamless transition to nursing at home
-Bring lots of outfits babies poop a lot and normally in my experience it is a blow out so make sure you have plenty of changes of clothes (My favorite outfits are footed zip up onesies they are so easy in the beginning and warm for your little one)
-If you plan to have any pictures done bring a cute outfit or two for the photos.  My mom always crochets a beautiful blanket that is the center piece for our pictures.
-The baby book it is so much easier after you have your baby to let the staff take care of the handprints and footprints.  You are going to have a lot going on and it is one less thing to worry about
-Newborn mittens or socks Your little one is going to have zero control over their hands and will probably end up scratching their face with those newborn talons.
-Car seat you gotta have it to get your little one home.  If at all possible install the base before you get to the hospital so you are ready to go when it is time.  When it was time to go I didn't want to spend another minute at the hospital.

For You
-I have great intentions of reading a book or coloring something non stressful to distract me and every time I bring them they are never used.  It isn't going to stop me from packing it this time though you never know.  Music if this helps you with stress.
-The hospital will provide some oh so stylish underwear and pillow sized pads.  Even though they seem a little odd I use them.  But I always bring some underwear that I don't care if they get ruined.
-Shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap for your shower.  I remember being pretty weak in the shower so my washing time was subpar but it is nice to have the chance to wash off.
-A comfy nightgown that you don't mind if it get ruined in the hospital.
-If you wear contacts bring your glasses you never know if your eyes are going to be irritated with labor or any medicines you need to have
-I could care less about shaving my legs at the hospital I personally think you get a free pass after labor but some ladies have to shave so don't forget all your shaving items.
-Lip balm Your lips get really dry and chapped partly due to the sterile environment in the hospital
-A maternity outfit to go home in unfortunately you are still going to have to wear some of your pregnancy clothes in spite of all the delivery you just experienced.
-A charger for your phone/laptop whatever electronic you are planning on bringing.

For your Partner
A lot of partners don't think about packing but you might have to take the reigns on this
-Some changes of clothes for your partner with toiletries
-Try to remember to bring their chargers for their electronics.  They won't forget the electronics the chargers are a different story

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