Monday, September 8, 2014

The Berenstain Bears: Blessed are the Peacemakers

I have always loved Berenstain Bears and when I became a mom it was one of the series of books I was excited to my children's book collection.  I love that the stories are simple, relatable, and lesson teaching.  I got the opportunity to share a new Berenstain book with my boys from the Living Lights line of books.  Living Lights are Berenstain Bear books that help children learn how God wants them to live every day.  All of the newer books are written by Mike Berenstain and follow the same format that Jan and Stan followed when we were children.

The Berenstain Bears Blessed are the Peacemakers had all of the characters we recognize with a few new bears added in.  This book is definitely for at least a 5 year old and up.  This book talks a lot about things you might encounter in elementary school and how to handle things if the situation comes up.  I also loved that the book in the back cover had some activities and questions to have a discussion with your child about what you read.

"Most of the cubs at Bear Country School get along most of the time.  But when rivals are cast opposite of each other in the school play, Romeo and Grizzliet, Brother and Sister Bear have to decide if they should mind their business or get involved as peacemakers to save the performance."

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***I received this book to review for free because I am a Book Look Blogger and I received no additional compensation for my review of this book.  This review is completely my own.

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