Friday, September 5, 2014

Kindergarten...A Whole New World

We are 3 weeks into the school year and things have been hectic.  My boy loves Kindergarten and always has interesting stories to share once he enters the car after school.  Normally the first report I get from him is he got red (the best color you can get) and who didn't get red (Kindergarten gossip).  Then he proceeds to tell me about his rest of the day.  Amazingly he has already had homework!!!!  They are really pushing the common core, it is definitely a new way of learning...I am trying to keep an open mind.  It is so odd for the time he is away at school.  I am so used to the noises and the chatter that it is a little disorienting.  So happy though he is getting the socialization and learning.  I have entered the world of PTA and making sure my boy completes his homework properly and on time.  We are definitely in a different season in life.  How is your little one doing in school this new year?

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