Sunday, September 7, 2014

Spongebob Party

My oldest requested a Spongebob Party this year for his 6th birthday.  He made this decision the day after his 5th birthday party, my boy is a planner.  He also requested to have his party at one of his favorite golf.  Whenever I plan a party I start a few months before, with 2 kids it is hard to find free time so I like my oldest, am a planner.  Knowing my child is set on his birthday plans made the planning easier.  Throughout the year, much to my surprise I came upon a Spongebob table decor set on clearance so I took advantage.  Fortunately having the party away from home makes the planning much easier.  We even ordered a cake...which we never do.  I normally make the cake every birthday.

For the goodie bag, I found these cute Spongebob pails at Party City
I just put in some spongebob themed favors and candies

I also for the kids found these cups at Oriental Trading

The party went great and it was so much easier having the party somewhere other than my home.  The prep time was much less and the activities that were available kept everyone entertained.

These are the invitations I made for his party from another blog post

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