Monday, September 29, 2014

Yuletide Ice Cube Fair Review

I was excited to read this book to my little ones the excitement is already building up for Christmas.  How could it not- every store not only has Halloween items out but Christmas items out as well.  My oldest has even started a bit of a countdown so items like this just intensify the anticipation.  Yuletide Ice Cube Fair is a Veggietales book from Zonderkidz and it is written by Karen Poth.  The book is labeled for children from 4-8 but if your kids love Veggietales and are a little younger or older it will be fine.  The book is a rhyming story which always keeps my kid's attention along with the colorful illustrations. In honor of the rhyming I will tell you about the book in rhymes.

The story starts out with a Christmas from the past
The Yuletide Ice Cube Fair everyone had a blast
Activites galore and fun was had by all
Everyone participated from the old to the small
Queens, food, and finally an ice block
A contest would begin a judge watching the clock
A question is posed What does Christmas mean to you?
You must show with the ice what you feel is true
Lessons are learned by each and every veggie
The story itself isn't preachy or heavy
My boys enjoyed the story and hopefully learned some too
If you like Veggietales your children will enjoy this story new

Maybe this wasn't the best rhyme
but thank you for taking the time
To learn more about this book
and I hope you take a look
At Amazon I found this book for $3.03
The link is  you could put it under the tree

***The review was sponsored by Booklook Bloggers I received this book for free but the opinions are completely my own.

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