Monday, September 15, 2014

Christmas Money

I know it is only September but Christmas is right around the corner.  I am always looking for additional ways to buy presents being a stay at home mom.  So I wanted to share with you some ways I make extra money not only for Christmas but throughout the year.

1.  Survey Sites-  This option can be a little tedious and frustrating especially when you don't qualify for a survey but if you stick with it, the money really starts to add up.  My favorites are
Opinion Outpost
American Consumer Opinions
Your Word

2.  Earning Site-  If you are going to be purchasing online why not make some money back for it.  My favorites are
 For mobile
 jingit app for grocery shopping, buying, and watching videos
 ibotta app for grocery shopping for scanning and buying
shopkicks app that you can scan products, earn for walking in the door, and buying items with linked credit card

3. Opinion Sites- These you get free items to try for opinions and occasionally rewards.  I like
crowd tap
smiley 360
house party
green moms meet

4.  Reward Sites-  You complete tasks and earn points that can be used towards gift cards or rewards.  I like recycle bank
thomas rewards

Hope this list helps you to earn extra money for Christmastime.
***This post is not sponsored or affiliated with any of the links and websites listed on this post.  

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  1. Where I live, people start playing Christmas songs in September. Thanks for these useful ideas!