Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Intro to Snapchat

Seriously, I have never felt more old when a friend suggested I get Snapchat.  I downloaded the app not fully knowing what I am downloading, I feel like I have enough apps to occupy my time with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  But I am trying to be more open minded.  First off, I was fully confused looking over the app it seems like a mishmesh of things and I have no idea how to use any of it.  It didn't matter any when I tried to look up my friends account and was rewarded with a steaming pile of poo.  Awesome..?  After exploring by touching everything I realized I could send a message, pic, or video to my friends with a play by play recount of my day.  Mostly mine consists of pics with my youngest napping (somehow I don't think I am the demographic they were searching for).  But I think it is a great single guy/girl tool and if you want to update your friends of your goings on in the day and Facebook posts of what I am having for lunch isn't enough then this is the app for you.

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