Friday, January 16, 2015

Sickness has ruined the day again....

Sickness is in our house like a plague...I thought I had it bad with my 2 year old's constantly fussiness with hand, foot, and mouth but, then it got worse.  My 6 year old came home with a sickness from school today complete with a fever.  My boy does not like taking medicine so much to the point that he works himself up into a panic.  Medicine taking normally results in a hysterical battle complete with throwing it up.  Pleasant right?  Well, today was as you can see one of those days.  I am feeling zapped with all the sickness and crying.  I have never looked forward to bedtime as much as today.  Hopefully my 2 boys will sleep through the night.

Day 2 of being held hostage in my home.  My 6 year old woke up with a fever and had to stay home from school.  My littlest is whining a little less.  My oldest actually has been able to swallow his medicine without chewing and has been keeping it down.  Also by the end of the day the fever has disappeared.

Day 3
Both of the boys are fever free.  Still in the house don't want to share our cooties with everyone but it sure makes you feel stir crazy.  Hopefully we will be rid of this sickness soon on a bright note I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  

I did have some plans for this weekend off from school.  My oldest has a 4 day weekend but due to the sicknesses we are quarantined.  Hope you are having a better time with your little ones without sickness.

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