Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Speech Evaluation Part One

My little 2 year old is not super talkative, it has been a subject of worry as a mommy for awhile.  It didn't help matters any when his pediatrician suggested I take him for a speech evaluation.  I called all of the #s that were recommended to me by the doctor and they were anything but helpful.  I even had one office want me to commit to seeing her for treatment for my son before even evaluating him for speech.  We haven't even established if there is a problem that he would need therapy for and already they are convinced he will need therapy???!!!!  So upsetting...I have felt really frustrated and defeated looking for a speech evaluation.  I even called my insurance company for a list and everyone on the list replied with oh we don't do that.

The recommendation that was made by the pediatrician was made in August and thankfully I have seen a lot of improvement in my boy.  I really have to listen closely though.  He has been saying a lot of things lately and sentences which has made me feel so happy.  I think I finally found a place to go to for an evaluation-the best part is they will come out to my home. We will see if they call me back.

To be continued....

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