Sunday, May 3, 2015

Beach Birthday Celebration

My husband loves the beach especially if it is in the evening and the temperature is cool.  It is his relaxing, rebooting, and stress free place.  Today I am surprising my husband by treating him to dinner with the kiddos in tow to a restaurant with wonderful views and outside seating.  This is a big deal for me.  I am a stay at home mom with very little income so I am excited to treat my guy to a special dinner out.  There is no one who deserves it more.  My husband works tirelessly in a very intense job that enables me to be at home with our boys.  I am forever grateful and thankful to him for making it possible for me to take care of our boys without the stresses of financial.  He takes all of it on and doesn't complain.

It is funny how expectations of a evening and the actual reality with kids can differ.  First of all we went to the restaurant and there was no seating.  Fortunately there were other restaurants and we were able to find a place to eat of one of them.  My 2 year old was in a funk partly due to a short nap.  So he was pretty whinny but it was a loud restaurant so it wasn't really heard to anyone but us.  Our food came out and my 2 year old decided he wanted the burrito my taco came in so he pulled it and all of the contents went on the ground.  After cleaning that mess up my 6 year said he had to go the bathroom and got sick.  After the meal it seemed we were finally through all of the stressfulness and then my husband realized that the gas light came on with no gas station in site.  But fortunately we were able to get gas before we were stranded.  Toyota Siennas are excellent after the light comes on you have 39 miles to get gas.  It saved us for sure.  It was definitely an adventure!!!!

When we do birthdays we don't normally just celebrate for the day of we celebrate for a week so we hopefully we have some more successful celebrations.


  1. It seems like it was an eventful birthday dinner. And I'm hoping it was a wonderful birthday too!

  2. There is no better place for a birthday celebration then the beach. I love the beach even when it is cooler