Saturday, May 16, 2015

Monterey Gourmet Foods Review

We are always looking for easy and delicious meals.  My boys and I are big fans of pasta, especially cheese flavored ones.  I found these at my local Publix with many different varieties in the refrigerated section of the store.  They also have Butternut Squash Ravioli,  Lobster Ravioli, Sausage and Kale Ravioli, and Fire Roasted Mushroom Ravioli.  They even had a vodka sauce in the store.  On the website they have a lot more varieties listed and even some Organic options but the store selection wasn't as expansive.  I picked the Five Cheese Ravioli and the Fresh Spinach & Cheese Ravioli to try.  Monterey Gourmet Foods is a company out of California that was founded in 1989.   There products are described as natural and wholesome ingredients with flavors from around the world.

The directions were very easy just boil water and put the pasta in.  The pasta was cooked excellently and the flavor was very good.  Fortunately, the ravioli stayed intact.  Sometimes when I make ravioli they burst apart in the boiling process and the filling comes out in the water.  The texture was great and flavorful.  Both of my boys enjoyed their pasta meal and I liked it too.


  1. Thanks for the review Nicole, but I simply could not disagree with you anymore than I do; Monterey Foods ravioli was almost inedible after about a half-dozen pieces (granted, I tried the Lobster variant, not veg-filled`).
    Following the directions on the package, the ravioli came out as ~1"x1" chunks of retread tire rubber, with virtually no filling. The filling was so little, we took a knife and fork and began cutting out the only semi-tasty parts (the center, with filling).
    The pasta itself tasted hard and chewy, even after significant time in saltwater reheating. The layers are WAY to thick for lobster ravioli, even pre-packaged.

    In short, I would not recommend this product for the stray cats in my neighborhood, especially when the price /8 oz package is taken into account. I am sorely disappointed with Monterey Food's version of "ravioli".

  2. Sorry you had such a bad experience with the ravioli. I didn't try that variety but thank you for your review of another of their products. It is always good to get different opinions on products.