Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Raglan Road

Just recently we got the chance to go to one of our favorite themed restaurants at Downtown Disney.  Raglan Road is an Irish restaurant that in the evenings has live music and dancers.  My husband enjoys going especially because they make gluten free fish and chips.  
I have tried many of their sides and they are all excellent.  The cauliflower au gratin is one of my favorites.  The great thing about this restaurant is they have a group of dancers that go into each area of the restaurant and dance.  Then they have any children who want to dance to have the chance to dance with them as well.  My boys loved it.  They really made a big deal out of the kids taking part and it was not lost on my boys.  If you are looking for a dining experience that is themed and unique food check out Raglan Road.  

***This post is not sponsored by Disney or Raglan Road.  I received zero compensation for my review.  This review is completely my own.

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  1. this looks soo yummy! MMMM fish and chips! I want to try the cauliflower.