Thursday, May 14, 2015

Dinosaur Train Live

I just happened to be listening to the radio at the right time and I found out that Dinosaur Train Live is coming to town.  My almost 3 year old is wild about Dinosaur Train.  So I quickly went to the site and was pleasantly surprised that the tickets were only $25/piece.

First of all, the show was held in our newly built Dr Phillips Center in Downtown Orlando.  The theater is beautiful.  I was really impressed with how nice everything was.  This was surprisingly a much shorter kids show than I am used to.  They had some interaction moments throughout the show that kept both of my boys engaged.  There were a lot of songs throughout which I didn't realize how many shows that were actually introduced in the show.  It was a simple premise and it was an interesting story.  They were puppets which was a little distracting at first to me but my boys really didn't seem to notice.  Overall it was a really fun show and great experience for my boys.  I saw the next show coming to town so if you are in Orlando and have a Chuggington fan you should check it out.

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