Tuesday, May 12, 2015

End of the School Year

It is only about a month away and I feel like I am ready now.  I am so tired of all the homework and bag a books.  I am looking forward to those 3 months of freedom and fun.  Now I may feel differently a little further into the summer when my oldest is driving me crazy and I am struggling to keep him active.  But...right now summer sounds like a dream.  Along with the ability to sleep in.  My boys will sleep in if I let them and this mama could use some serious sleep.  I kind of feel like I have been on auto pilot on the past few weeks and I have a feeling it will continue till the school finish line.  It is funny to think about how on the ball I was in the beginning of the school year but right now I have lost the steam.  Don't get me wrong I have been trying my best but I am getting tired.  School lunches I used to put a lot more effort in.  Now they are last minute creations in the morning.  My poor boy needs new shoes soon but the school year is almost over.  I don't want to buy a new pair of shoes when he will be living in flip flops and sandals all summer.  So I think we will make it.  To buy a new pair of sneakers right now would be silly anyways since he is growing so quickly they probably wouldn't even fit for school next year.   So end of the school year, I am more than ready for you!!!

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